Hurricane Florence

Days before the storm was projected to make landfall, Greenville Police Department went door-to-door to distribute evacuation information in flood-prone areas of Greenville.  Sergeant Viverette (above) talks with citizens in the West Meadowbrook neighborhood.

Hurricane Florence


As Hurricane Florence approached the coast of North Carolina, forecasts predicted the storm would pass very close to Greenville.  Full-scale preparations for a direct hit from the powerful hurricane commenced, as past hurricanes had brought devastating flooding and widespread destruction.  The storm tracked south before making landfall, and the Greenville area was largely spared from flooding or damage.

Citizens fill sandbags in an effort to protect their homes from potential floodwaters.

City of Greenville Public Works employees worked around the clock to clear stormdrains ahead of the storm to help prevent flash flooding.

Boarded-up storefronts along Dickinson Avenue.

Dramatic clouds were on display as the outer storm bands of Hurricane Florence passed over the area, dropping 11.66 inches of rain.

Minimal damage was reported during Hurricane Florence.  A few trees were knocked down by high winds, such as this tree on East 4th Street.

City of Greenville employees remove a fallen tree near Green Springs Park. 

Following the hurricane, sandbags were collected and shipped to other cities in the region where extensive flooding resulted from Hurricane Florence.

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