Abandoned caboose


2016-2018 (ongoing)

Having moved to Greenville, NC in late summer of 2016, I have spent many lunch breaks exploring the city by foot.  I quickly found that much of the daily activity is concentrated in a small part of the city, leaving a lot of areas unseen by most citizens.  #hiddengreenville is an attempt to capture the “hidden” scenes and details well off the beaten paths.  This is an on-going project, check Instagram for the most recent additions.

Waves and reflections on Dickinson Avenue, 2016


Bicycle bone yard, 2016


Abandoned Tobacco Warehouse, 2016


Red-belly water snake, River Park North, 2016


Great Blue Heron, River Park North, 2017


Hurry Uptown, 2017


Discarded barrels, 2018

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